FEBRUARY 2 - 4, 2018
Altoona, PA

Let’s talk about losing things. That unexpected and inconvenient moment when your shoes aren’t where you put them, your math homework disappears, or your keys must have gotten sucked into a vortex because they certainly aren’t anywhere else. Did you lose something you were sure was permanent and somehow your faith got lost with it? Maybe you lost your purpose, your best friend, or your original plan.  Maybe you lost someone you loved and the whole world looks different without them. Maybe you’re afraid to admit that the lost thing…is you.

Let’s talk about finding things. The way your afternoon changes when you feel that unexpected five dollar bill in your pocket. The shoes were under the table, the keys still in the door, your homework was crumpled up at the bottom of your backpack. You know, the way your shoulders lift a little when you catch a bright color on a dreary day or hear a song that seems like it was written just for you? Seeing a familiar face across a crowded room or discovering that your heart can still beat after it’s been broken. Hearing God’s voice when you thought he’d left you. 

All students in 7th-12th grades are invited to this Salt 'n Light weekend conference
featuring of music, speakers, and breakout sessions. 

Before January 1: $150
After January 1: $160

Be one of the first 5 students to register and receive an additional $20 off!

 Cost includes registration at conference, hotel room for 2 nights, transportation, and 2 breakfasts.
To help reduce costs, students will be asked to contribute one meal item for the weekend.

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