We invite you to Unite with friends, Transform through a growing relationship with God and Release into your school and community to share what God has done in your life

Upcoming Events

October 13-15, 2017
Cove Valley Christian Camp
Mercersburg, PA

Week of September 27th

Time Change:  On Wednesday, October 4, Fusion will be moving to a new time.  Our hope is that this will make things a little easier for parents and students when it comes to homework and bedtimes.

Fusion will start at 6:30 pm and be over at 8:30 pm starting Wednesday, October 4.


High School Spiritual Life Retreat:  We are looking forward to a great retreat with Salt N Light leading us in worship and the message over the weekend.

We will meet at the Twin Valley Varsity football game on Friday, October 13 so we can cheer on those playing and those in the band.  We will leave directly from the school after the football game.

Our hope is that the many high school students involved in the game that night, either as a player or in the band, will be able to join us for the weekend.


Halloween Parade Candy:  It’s almost that time of year again.  The Elverson Halloween Parade is right around the corner; October 18.  We will once again enter a float as a way to reach out to those in our community. 

We are looking for those who can help us by bringing in candy.  If you are able to help with this, please pick up a 1 pound or many pounds of candy in bags in place them in the orange bins in the lower lobby.  Thank you.


Parenting Today’s Teens
By Mark Gregston 

“Communicating with Teens” 

Every parent of a teenager wants to build a strong line of communication with their teen.  But sadly, the opposite is most often true.  I’d like to share with you some simple… 

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This Wednesday:  Night of Worship and Prayer returns!  Join us as we enter the throne room of God together signing his praises.  Afterwards, students will join their small groups where they will be given the opportunity to start the discussion about things in their life such as relationship with friends, parents or teachers, moral issues, culture, things they don’t understand about the Bible or God or other things they want help navigating through.


Next Wednesday:  We begin a new series called “Eternity.”  We start with a message called “Understanding Eternity.”  In the weeks that follow we will look at “Understanding Hell” and “Understanding Heaven.”